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Natural edge combines with the beauty of the figure in the wood in these tables. I use mainly Buckeye and Maple burls for my table tops; the tops average 1.25” thick and around 24” to 30” in diameter. I sand the tops to 320 grit and apply 3 coats of finish. I would consider these tables more decorative and useful for display.

Combined with the copper tubing, and burls for bases, I’m pleased with the outcome. Prices start at $150 and up. I also sell finished tabletops for you to add to your own base or to hang on a wall. Prices depend on type & size of wood. Please contact us for what’s available, or for custom orders.

Buckeye top / Dogwood base

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The top is made from Buckeye Burl
and contains two drawers

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Buckeye and maple
Burl tops on Mountain
Laurel roots.

These tiered display
tables where made to
either separate or stack

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Maple Burl top

Highly figured maple top
with Maple Burl base, tied
together with copper tubing.

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Close-up of grain pattern

Close-up of grain pattern

Buckeye top / Maple base

Maple top & base

Buckeye top